Welcome, VU Project EXCEL students and parents! Congratulations on your decision to get a jump start on your college career.  We are  excited that you chose Indiana's first dual credit program, Project EXCEL, to accelerate and enrich your learning path. Project EXCEL courses are available to eligible high school students who meet all applicable course prerequisite and placement score requirements, established by Vincennes University and/or Project EXCEL. Please refer to the information below to begin the enrollment process, and learn more about the eBill procedures. 


Benefits to Students:


  • A way to fulfill Academic Honors and Technical Honors diploma requirements.
  • Get an early start in college - prepare for the challenge of college coursework.
  • Opportunity for hands-on experience in many career and technical courses.
  • Only $25 per credit hour - a significant savings over traditional college tuition.
  • Fee Waivers for students who qualify under the Free and Reduced lunch program.
  • Fee Waivers for select Career and Technical Education courses.


Online Enrollment Form:


All current, and prospective, Project EXCEL students will be required to complete a Project EXCEL Online Enrollment Form (OEF), prior to registering for Project EXCEL dual credit courses, each year, and prior to VU Accuplacer testing. The OEF, designed to capture student demographic and contact information, will allow a VU Student ID (A#) to be automatically generated and emailed to new Project EXCEL students. Returning students must also complete the OEF, each academic year, to reactivate their student status, and to verify all information previously submitted is current, including student address, phone, and email. 

ALL students are still required to complete the four-part paper registration form in order to register for Project EXCEL courses. The OEF does NOT replace the paper registration form.


The OEF may be accessed by clicking on the link below:

Project EXCEL Online Enrollment Form

Please click here for more information and OEF instructions.

OEF - Instructional Video 


VU eBill:


VU utilizes an electronic billing system for all students, allowing students, or their parents, to submit an online payment using a credit card or e-check. Electronic billing statements, for Project EXCEL dual credit courses, will be sent directly to the student’s MyVU account. Please refer to the document below for more information and instructions.

Project EXCEL Electronic Billing Information and Instructions

eBill Payment - Instructional Video


Student Requirements:


  • Must be a high school student with junior or senior level status, to enroll in most Project EXCEL courses. Eligible sophomores, having completed two years of the same high school foreign language, are permitted to enroll in first year VU dual credit foreign language courses.
  • Must meet all applicable course prerequisite requirements, including minimum placement test scores, as established for Project EXCEL course participation (for detailed information, view the  Course Listing & Placement Chart).
  • Must adhere to all program requirements and guidelines as outlined in the  Policies and Procedures and Student Handbook (see file below).
  • Social Security Number Requirements: Social Security numbers are required to be submitted by all Project EXCEL students, if they are US citizens. Students must enter their SSN on the student registration carbonless forms, and if the student has their number available, on the OEF. If you have any questions, please refer to IRS Form W9-S Revised March 2008, Page 2, Part III. Requester Information - Penalties:


  1. Failure to furnish correct SSN or ITIN. If you fail to furnish your correct SSN or ITIN to the requester, you are subject to a penalty of $50 unless your failure is due to reasonable cause and not to willful neglect.
  2. Misuse of SSN or ITIN. If the requester discloses or uses your SSN or ITIN in violation of federal law, the requester may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.


Getting Started:


  • Contact your high school guidance counselor or teacher to determine which VU courses are available for dual credit at your high school or career center.
  • Determine whether you meet the course prerequisite requirements for each course as listed in the  Course Listing and Placement Chart.
  • Students must complete the Project EXCEL online enrollment form, prior to submitting the course registration form.
  • Course registration forms are available from your teacher or counselor.  Students must print legibly and fill in all requested information on the registration form, including both student and parent signatures.


Transcript Requests:


Upon successful completion of a Project EXCEL course, the student may request an official Vincennes University transcript reflecting earned credits. Students must have met all financial obligations to the University before transcripts will be released. Click here for more information. 


Disability Services and Accommodations:


Students seeking accommodations and support from VU’s Office of Diverse Abilities and Accommodations must submit their request and documentation prior to, or at the beginning of, the semester in which they are enrolled for dual credit courses. In the college setting, the accommodations authorized may not match those granted for high school courses, since the laws that apply to colleges and universities are not the same laws that apply to the K through 12 school system. Students taking dual credit courses, for college credit, are held to the college requirements.

Additional information may be found on the Office of Diverse Abilities and Accommodations website, under Early College/Project EXCEL Dual Credit, or by contacting the Diverse Abilities and Accommodations office at  disabilityservices@vinu.edu or 812-888-4501.


Our catalog and campus map are available online for your convenience:
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How to Retrieve MyVU Username and Password

Student Handbook

Student Release of Records Information Form

Parent Verification and Request for Student Records

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