Military Education Program

Military Education Program



The Military Education Program (MEP) is a multi-faceted Vincennes University outreach program.  The MEP includes on-site instruction at various military installations throughout the country as well as an administrative office on the Vincennes campus.  Since 1986, the MEP has provided learning opportunities to over 100,000 active duty personnel, reservists, guard members, veterans and military dependents.  VU offers programming as well as advising services at 11 military/public service locations across the country.  For more information,  visit our site location pages.  


Contact Us:

Vincennes Campus

Alex Sievers, Director, MEP Indiana
812-888-4386 or


Kristen Phillips, MEP Education Benefits Manager
812-888-5421 or


Jessica Hatton, MEP Transcript Evaluator
812-888-5861 or


Helena Cummins, Accounting Specialist
812-888-5423 or


Shinead Abbott, MEP Secretary
812-888-4079 or



Glenn W. Karrmann, Western Regional Director
360-362-6480 or


Rick Lamb, Eastern Regional Director

501-940-6202 or



Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST.




At-A-Glance Information

No Application Fees

There is no application fee to apply to the Military Education Program to attend classes at one of our site locations.  If applying as a veteran student to the Vincennes campus or as an online student, the application fee is waived.

Credits for Military Experience

VU awards college credits for your military schooling and occupation specialty.  We will also update your evaluation when your military transcripts are updated due to additional schooling or promotion.


If you are taking courses on-site at an MEP location, textbooks may be provided on loan.  Ask your local advisor for more information.  (This does not apply if you are taking online classes.)

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