Vincennes University is in the process of hiring a new Director of International Student Affairs.  As such, the duties of this position are being handled by the following individuals:


  • W. Anthony "Tony" Mahan is a DSO and will handle anything related to your F-1 visa, immigration status, SEVP and SEVIS.  He can be reached at the Admissions Office, 20 W Indianapolis Avenue, 812.888.4319,
  • Wade (Ze) Chen is the contact person for the International Club, orientation, campus and community integration, event coordination, etc.  He can be reached at Room 184B in Vigo Hall, 812.888.4156,

International Students Form 1-20 Extension

International Students Form 1-20 Extension

Students may request an extension of studies for reasons such as changes in major, health problems, or other unforeseen problems. Extensions are granted in situations where the student has to complete studies on time. F-1 students who will not complete their program of study by the end date on their I-20 need to request a program extension from the Office of International Student Affairs 30 days prior to the program end date.


  • Is unable to complete program by end date on I-20
  • Submit request 30 days before the current I-20 program end date
  • Have maintained status throughout academic career
  • Made normal progress toward completing program
  • Have a compelling reason for delay in completion of studies
    • Documented through the student’s own statement describing his/her academic progress and explaining why the extension is needed
    • Documented through the academic advisor including: academic reasons for delay in completion number of courses or thesis credits lacking for completion, and amount of additional time needed to complete study     
  • Proof of financial support for additional time requested