Can I request a roommate?

Yes, however, the request must be mutual. Both individuals must request one another.  While filling out your contract on line you will find an area where you can type your requested roommates name and identification number.  The identification number is the A number the University assigned the student upon admissions.  Also include the student's birth date (MM DD YYYY). Roommate requests are not guaranteed. 

When do I find out where I am living and my roommate's name?
Room assignments and roommate information will be available in mid-July.  

Do I have to have a meal plan?
Yes. All students that reside in a residence hall must be on a meal plan.

Do I have to live in a residence hall?
Yes. All first year students must reside on campus unless they are 21, married, a military veteran, or commuting from their parents home.

Are there rules and regulations for living in the residence Halls?
Yes—please check out our Housing and Residential Life handbook for this information.

Are private rooms available?
Yes.  An additional cost of $1,228.00 (2019-20 rate) per semester is charged.  A prepayment of $400.00 is needed when filing your contract.  Private rooms are assigned based upon date of payment of deposit/prepayment and availability.  Rates are subject to change based on Room and Board rates set by Board of Trustees.

What size are the mattresses?
The mattresses are 36 x 80 or an extra long twin. For several years Residence Hall Linens has provided our students and families with a convenient, affordable option to ensure you have sheets that will fit all of the beds on campus. Please visit to learn more about this opportunity.

What is in the room? 
We furnish the bed, the dresser, desk, desk chair, trash can, blinds, drawer space, closet space, and internet.

Can I order linens?
Yes. VU partners with  Residence Hall Linens. Visit their site or call 800.957.4338.

Are refrigerators allowed in the rooms?
Yes.  If you are purchasing capacity may not exceed 4.4 cubic feet.

What should I do to stay safe on campus?
College can be an exciting time in your life. You are making new friends, learning new concepts and discovering a lot about yourself. However, it is very important to stay safe and understand that there can be some dangers on campus. Here are some tips for how you can protect yourself on campus and make sure you have a safe, enjoyable experience:

  • Make sure the door to your residence hall room is locked at all times. It is important to lock your door whether you are going to class, leaving for the weekend or just walking down the hall to the bathroom.   
  • Be careful about posting personal information on social network websites (such as Facebook). Most college students engage in some type of social networking, but it is important to think twice about what you post. Keep private information private and be cautious of the photos you share. Use common sense if a stranger contacts you online and trust your instincts. If you feel threatened or uncomfortable during an online interaction, report the behavior and stop the dialogue. 
  • Put emergency numbers in your cell phone. Know the phone numbers for the Campus Police, your Resident Assistant (RA) and other friends who you can trust if you find yourself in a bad situation. You should also be aware of the locations of the emergency phones throughout campus.
  • Always walk home with at least one other person after dark. Walking in a group makes you less of a target to an attacker. Try to walk in groups when going to classes, the dining hall or other places on campus. Make a plan before you go out for the night so that no one has to walk alone, even if just for a few feet.

Are laundry facilities available?
Yes -- all the halls have laundry facilitates. 

Is there computer access in my room?
Each student room is also furnished with Internet access. Students must provide an ethernet cord to hook their computer up to the internet in their student room. 

Is there storage for personal items?
All items must remain in your room.

Can freshmen have cars?
Yes -- you will need to get a parking sticker from Campus Police (5555) in order to park in the University's lots.  Contact them for information.

What if my roommate and I do not get along?
If there is a roommate conflict please contact your residence hall coordinator so that they can assist you in resolving the problem. In some cases a room change may be needed.

Which halls are coed? 
Vigo, Clark, Ebner, Godare and Morris are co-ed.  Vanderburgh is all female. 

What are the room dimensions?

  • Vigo 18' x 12'
  • Godare 18' x 11'9"
  • Vanderburgh 14' x 10' 6"
  • Morris 16' x 11'
  • Clark 16'3 X 11'7
  • Ebner-room dimensions differ per room

What happens if I cancel my Housing contract early?  
A complete explanation of Cancellation, Termination and Withdrawal is listed in the Terms and Condition of Residency. Contracts cancelled before August 1st will be refunded the $150.00 Damage Deposit.  Contracts cancelled between August 2nd and August 14th will be charged a $150 cancellation fee.   Contracts cancelled August 15th or after will be assessed a $750.00 cancellation fee.