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Vacation / Holiday hours may vary.  Schedules will be posted accordingly.

Special events/reservations must be approved through the VU Reservations online system.




Student Recreation Center

Phone: 812-888-4957


  1. To provide open recreational opportunities to Vincennes University students, as well as full-time faculty/staff and their spouses and dependent children. 
  2. To support Intramural Sports events.
  3. To enhance the development and maintenance of individual physical fitness.





The Student Recreation Center is available without charge to the VU community (current VU students with a VU Blazer OneCard and currently employed full-time faculty/staff, their spouses, and their children – see below).  The SRC provides an opportunity throughout the entire day for eligible users to participate in “drop-in” recreation.  See Learning Resource Center (LRC) Media Services or Human Resources to obtain a valid ID if you do not already have one.


  1. Students – All students with a valid current VU Blazer OneCard.  During summer months, students registered for the following VU fall semester will have access to the recreation facilities.  Qualifying students have Guest privileges (see item E).


  1. Faculty/Staff – currently employed full-time faculty and staff members and their spouse and dependent children have access to the recreation facilities with their proper VU ID Card.  Dependents of full-time employees aged 18+ may use recreation facilities on their own with a proper VU ID Card.  Dependents under age 18 (including those confined to strollers) must be accompanied at all times by parent ID holder.  Qualifying faculty/staff have Guest privileges (see item E).


  1. Retirees from full-time employment with VU – Retirees who participate in the University health insurance plan have access to the recreation facilities, as well as their spouses and dependent children who participate in the University health insurance plan.  Qualifying dependents aged 18+ may use recreation facilities on their own.  Qualifying dependents under age 18 (including those confined to strollers) must be accompanied at all times by parent/grandparent ID holder.


  1. Board Members – Current members of the University Board of Trustees and spouses of current members have access to the recreation facilities with a valid VU ID Card.


  1. Guests – Guest privileges are available to qualifying students and full-time faculty and staff (see above items A and B).  Privileges are extended for an occasional guest.  Students are limited to one (1) guest per visit.  Guests must be age 18 or older and they must be accompanied at all times by the student/faculty/staff member with a valid ID.  All guests will sign in and present an ID upon entering recreation facilities.  Abuse of guest privileges will cause revocation of that privilege.   





While using the Student Recreation Center please dress in appropriate athletic attire (t-shirts, shorts, socks, sweats, warm-ups, jogging suits, etc.)  NO street clothes for your safety and the protection of our equipment.  Proper footwear (clean, non-marking athletic footwear) should be worn at all times. 




The University’s Student Conduct Code will be followed.  No foul and abusive language or conduct (fighting) will be allowed while using the facilities.  Everyone’s rights and privileges will be protected.   Equipment should be handled with care.  Broken or damaged equipment should be reported immediately to a student worker or a supervisor on duty.  Patrons must know how to properly use and treat all equipment/facilities with respect for its intended purpose, or risk the loss of privilege to use the SRC.





Equipment may be checked out from the Equipment Room or ID desk by presenting a valid VU Blazer OneCard (student/faculty/staff).  Individuals will complete a Check-out form and accept responsibility for the equipment.  Damage or late fees may be assessed for misuse.  (50 cents/day up to the full cost of the equipment checked out).  For information call SRC at 812-888-6248.  A full array of sports equipment is available for check out.


Shower and Exercise (sweat) towels are available for check out for single day use from the Equipment Room with a valid VU ID.  To protect fitness center equipment and equipment users, continually wipe sweat from your body and wipe down each unit after using it.




Men’s and women’s locker rooms are located in the SRC.  Each contains restrooms, sinks, showers, lockers, and a steam room.  These lockers are for DAY USE ONLY.  Bring a lock with you each day and then remove your items by closing time each night.  We now offer FREE daily padlock check-out through the Equipment Room for your use and safety of itemsA $10.00 fee will be assessed for a missing lock and/or lost keyWe encourage you to leave your valuables in a secure location under lock and key at home or in your vehicle out of sight.  Vincennes University does not assume liability for items lost or stolen.  Take appropriate steps to prevent theft of items.  Patrons must use only the locker room of their own gender. 





Please use the locker rooms to secure personal clothing, backpacks, etc.  For safety and security, do not leave personal items lying around or unattended.



Steam Rooms

  • Steam rooms are located in the men's and women's locker rooms. Please consult a physician before using a Steam Room, especially if you have any health-related issues (history of heart disease, high blood pressure, respiratory disease, pregnancy etc.).  Patrons must only use the steam room of their own gender.


  • For safety, 10-15 minutes is the maximum time allowed per session for healthy individuals.  After exercise, allow a "cool down" period before entering the steam room and reduce your steam session time.


  • Users are required to sit on a towel.  For your safety avoid skin contact with any surface.


  • Children over 14 may use the steam room with adult supervision.  Children 14 years of age and under are prohibited from using the steam rooms.


  • Avoid consuming food or alcoholic beverages before using the steam room. If any discomfort such as dizziness, nausea, hot or cold flashes, or headache develops, leave the steam room IMMEDIATELY.


  • Report any inappropriate activity to the nearest staff member immediately.


  • Do not prop open the steam room doors.  Escaping steam may set off fire alarms.  



Track Area

The six lane indoor track is 200 meters in length in Lane #1.   No track spikes of any kind may be used on the indoor areasPlease be considerate of others in the area to avoid collisions.   Lap Distances are posted on wall.



Activity and



There are four basketball courts, four volleyball courts, and two tennis courts painted onto the surface of the activity area.  Other sports/activities could include soccer, Frisbee, football toss, whiffle ball, dodge ball, badminton, etc.  Please refrain from hanging on basketball rims or grabbing the basketball nets and swinging from them.


Courts A and B have tennis court lines.  During appropriate times an attempt will be made to make tennis available.   Equipment will be available for check-out.





  • The Free Weights/Plate Loaded room has many stations available.  A full array of Magnum Equipment is available along with dumbbells and weighted bars.  Please wipe off equipment after use.  Become familiar with each piece of equipment and have a working knowledge of each unit before using.  For safety, ask for assistance!  Please set dumbbells on the ground – don’t drop/throw.


  • The Selectorized and Cardio room contains 24 Magnum stations and 29 pieces of Cardio equipment.  In addition, there is a stretch room complete with a ball rebounder, medi-balls, stability balls, abdominal benches, total gym trainer, stretch trainer, back stretch trainers, heavy bars, gymnastic exercise/stretch mats, individual exercise mats, push up bars, weight dumbbells, and foam rollers.



Table Tennis

A table tennis table and foosball table are available in a room off the northeast corner of the track area. Equipment is available for check out from the Equipment Room.  Please DO NOT SIT ON THE TABLES.



Food and Drink

Restrict food to lobby vending machines area.  Drinks may be brought into track area and fitness centers.  Please use the drink holders, if available, on the cardio machines.  Use caution not to spill drinks.




  1. To enter and exit, use front entrance doors only.  Proper ID is required for admission.  It will be scanned at the ID Desk.
  2. Proper athletic attire required while using the facilities.
  3. Clean, proper footwear is necessary to protect the floors.
  4. No rollerblades, skateboards, or bicycles are allowed in any of the Recreational Sports Facilities.  ADA compliant scooters and service animals are welcomed.
  5. Users are welcome to use audio devices for listening enjoyment.  However, only personal headphones/earbuds are allowed.  No external speakers will be allowed in any of the common areas of recreational facilities. 
  6. The Student Recreation Center, P. E. Complex, Aquatic Center, Beless Gym, Bowling Center, and Student Center are e-cigarette and tobacco-free (smoking or chewing) facilities.
  7. For everyone’s safety, 16 video cameras are in use throughout the facility.  Guard your valuables.
  8. Remember your ID card, present it for scanning at the ID Desk each time you enter.