Diesel and John Deere Department Student Expectations

  1. The use of any type of tobacco of any kind will not allowed at any time on the VU campus or within any of the Diesel/John Deere buildings.  Smoking or chewing will only be allowed outside of buildings within designated smoking areas.
  2. Students must take extra care to observe overhead bay doors when entering and exiting buildings.
  3. Students and faculty will wear appropriate attire similar to a journeyman technician (uniforms) while working in the lab.   "If you're not in uniform...you're not in lab".  A uniform includes proper pants and shirt. No exceptions.   For safety reasons, shirts must be kept buttoned and tucked in. It is imperative that respirators be worn when painting, sanding, etc...
  4. No sandals, open toed shoes or gym shoes are allowed while working in the lab.  Steel-toed safety shoes or work boots of  some type are highly recommended.
  5. Students are responsible for supplying and maintaining their own set of hand tools.  Your tools should be clearly engraved and kept locked up when not in use. The University will not be held responsible for lost  or misplaced tools.  Students should check their homeowners insurance for tool coverage. Tool sets are a valuable lifetime investment and should be treated as such.  Student toolbox inspections may be made at any time by VU Faculty or Police with the student and at least one witness present.
  6. No profanity or disruptive behavior will be permitted in labs or classrooms at anytime.
  7. There will be absolutely zero tolerance concerning theft of any kind.  Any person involved with any type of  theft  will be prosecuted by local authorities and most likely expelled from the University.
  8. Clear Safety glasses will be worn in all labs.
  9. No student parking will be allowed in the labs for any reason.  Students should park in the appropriate university lot.  Any vehicle parked in an inappropriate manner or location will be quickly towed away at  the owners own expense.  Students should contact campus police to locate vehicle after it has been towed.  Daily storage fees and additional towing expenses may result. Students should not block entrances with their vehicles.
  10. Keys from university owned vehicles should be returned to their proper location at the end of every lab.
  11. Any borrowed tools, equipment, etc. will be returned (clean and complete) to their proper locations at the end of each lab session.  University owned tools, equipment or supplies will not under any circumstances be stored in students tool boxes, lockers, automobiles, etc.
  12. Any missing, damaged, broken, or unsafe tools should be reported to the instructor as soon a possible using the broken/lost/needed tool report.
  13. There will be no visitors in class or laboratory without the instructor’s prior consent.  Visitors must wear appropriate eye protection.
  14. All work on vehicles must be done inside of lab area unless other instructions are given by instructor.
  15. No horseplay or unsafe workmanship will be tolerated at any time.
  16. Everyone will respect each others and his/ her property at all times.  Failure to do this can result in the dismissal from this program and the university.  The student will be held responsible for any damages incurred.
  17. All repair work must stop when "Clean Up" is called. No one is allowed to leave the lab area until the entire shop is clean.  All tools must be returned at this time.  Any messes made must be thoroughly cleaned. Clean yourself after the lab is clean.  The same clean up routines will be followed regularly.
  18. Please make every attempt to keep the lab area clean and organized.  Lack of cleanliness and organization in the lab area creates confusion, safety hazards and lowers productivity for everyone.
  19. Spilled liquids and/ or chemicals should be cleaned up immediately.
  20. Dispose of waste materials properly. Every type of shop waste has a unique disposal procedure and location. Examples: paint, oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, scrap metal, oil dry, etc...
  21. Familiarize yourself with the first aid cabinet, MSDS Sheet Cabinet, Fire extinguishers and emergency eye wash stations.  Knowledge in these areas could save your life.
  22. No work is to be done in the laboratory areas between classes without an instructor present.
  23. Keep all exits and doorways clear in case of an emergency.
  24. Report all accidents to the instructor as soon as they occur.
  25. Students will be responsible for the collection and disposal of shop litter as it accumulates.
  26. Brooms, squeegees, air hoses, lifting equipment, and any other commonly used equipment should be returned to their proper location after using them.
  27. Students will take breaks in break area only.   No students should be in laboratory area during break time without  instructor's permission.
  28. Students should conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  29. Use of electronic devices in class or labs:
    a. No cell phones, IPODs or Blackberries permitted in class.
    b. Calculators permitted as needed.
    c. Lap tops computers permitted for course work only.
  30. No food or drink will be permitted in the class rooms.
  31. Please operate vehicles at a safe manner when entering and exiting the Diesel facility, while in the parking lot and leaving and entering highway US 41.


The above expectations were created to ensure that you are receiving the best education possible.   These rules also ensure the safety of you and your possessions.  Any infraction of these rules will result in immediate disciplinary actions.  The details of these actions are clearly listed in the student handbook.  The disciplinary action taken will be proportional to the severity of the offense. A Safety Infraction/Disciplinary Notice form will be completed upon disregard of any regulation or when an instructor observes a safety or disruptive student. A copy will be given to the student and a copy put in the students file.

Thank you and have a good year,
VU Faculty and Staff