The Many Talents of Red Skelton

The Many Talents of Red Skelton

Red on the Big Screen: Beginning with Having A Wonderful Time in 1937, Red appeared in over 35 films featuring comedic, musical, and dramatic roles. 

After performing in traveling medicine shows as a teen, on showboats, minstrel shows and finally vaudeville and burlesque, Red broke into the medium that put his voice in homes across the nation - radio. He first performed on such family favorites as Rudy Vallee's Royal Gelatin Hour and NBC's Avalon Time. In 1941, The Red Skelton Show hit the airwaves on NBC, giving Red just the forum he needed for Clem Kadiddlehopper, Willy Lump-Lump and others. The Red Skelton Show ran on the radio for 12 years (minus 23 months beginning in 1944 when Red was drafted).

Red on the Small ScreenThe Red Skelton Show debuted on September 30, 1951 on NBC. From the beginning, it stood apart as one of the few shows capable of succeeding in both radio and television. The show was cancelled by NBC in 1954, but it wasn't off the airwaves for long. CBS quickly snagged the show and made it a key in their programming schedule for 16 years (1970). The Red Skelton Show then returned to NBC for a brief stint in 1971. Other TV credits include:

  • Red Skelton: A Royal Command Performance (1984)
  • Freddy the Freeloader's Christmas Dinner (1981)
  • Rudolph's Shiny New Year (1976)
  • Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse (1960)
  • Playhouse 90 (1955, 1956)
  • Chrysler Show of Stars (1955, 1956)
  • Ford Star Jubilee (1955)
  • Climax Mystery Theater (1955)
  • Swing Out, Sweet Land (1970)
  • The Jonathan Winters Show (1967)
  • The Ed Sullivan Show (1950s/1960s)
  • GE's All-Star Anniversary (1978)
  • Happy Birthday, Bob (1978)
  • The 49th Annual Academy Awards (1977)
  • Jack Benny's 20th Anniversary Special (1970)

Numerous Appearances On:

  • The Mike Douglas Show
  • The Tonight Show
  • What's My Line?
  • The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
  • The Jack Benny Program
  • This Is Your Life
  • The Herb Shriner Show
  • Colgate Variety Hour