Educational Data Reports and Measures of Success

Education Data Reports

 Survey Results

Teacher Candidates: teacher candidates who graduate from these comprehensive and rigorous programs are well prepared to accept the professional responsibilities of highly qualified educators. Exit Survey Results:

  • 2015-16 Exit Survey (Teacher Survey) Results are unavailable; less than 10 responses received.  

Alumni: Graduates who are currently teaching are very satisfied with the training they received from VU.  Alumni Data Survey:

Principals: Principal Surveys indicate that VU education graduates are knowledgeable in their content area, know how to provide an inclusive and rigorous learning environment, can develop specific assessments to test for student understanding and use the data to ensure that all students learn.

Survey Results:

  • 2015-16 Principal Survey Results are unavailable; less than 10 responses received. 

Licensure Requirements: percentage of candidates meeting state licensure requirements

Attrition and Completion Rates:

Student Loan Default Rates

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