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Vincennes University Graduation



Vincennes University offers a wide range of program choices for you.

Four year
Baccalaureate programs offer a four year degree without having to transfer. This type of degree is also referred to as bachelor's degree. You can earn a bachelor of arts (B.A.) or bachelor of science (B.S.) degree.

Two year
Transfer programs are designed to transition you into a four year college or university. This type of degree is also referred to as an associate of science (A.S.) or associate degree of arts (A.A.) degree.

Two year
Career and technical programs offer the option of directly entering the workforce or continuing to a four year degree.

One year
Certification of Program Completions are designed for specific work-related skills to prepare you for employment within one year and are fewer than 30 credit hours. In higher education, you may see these referred to as CPCs.

Vincennes University also offers Certificates of Graduation (CGs). You can learn more about the differences in all of these degrees in the university catalog.