Artist, Author, Composer

Red's Paintings: America's most beloved clown created additional clown characters with a paint brush. His series of clown paintings and his drawings remain art collector treasures today. They were also reproduced for the mainstream and even for children in the form of over-sized coloring books. 

Reds Music Graphic: Many Faces copy.png Red's Music: The compositions of Red Skelton measure 8,000 songs and 64 symphonies. He conducted and composed for numerous albums as well as having his selections performed by the likes of Arthur Fiedler, the London Philharmonic and Van Clyburn. Red also recorded some of his favorite stories and poems like The Circus, Frogs, The Littlest Christmas Tree and, of course, The Pledge of Allegiance.

Reading Red: Could you write one original short story a day? It is said that is exactly what Red Skelton did. The end result was approximately 4,000 short stories and full- length books. His titles include Old Whitey, The Ventriloquist, Red Skelton in Your Closet: Ghost Stories, Gertrude and Heathcliffe, and Clown Alley and Frog Follys coloring books.