About the Graphic Design Program

About the Graphic Design Program

The Graphic Design Program at Vincennes University prepares students to be creative, employable graphic designers. We stress individual creative development and artistic expression with emphasis on the production and technical aspects that are sought after by potential employers in the graphic design industry. In business today, a four-year degree is no longer a requirement or a guarantee of a successful career in graphic design. A strong and creative portfolio is the single most important tool for getting a job.

STRONG DESIGN AND PRODUCTION SKILLS. Students not only develop their creative artistic skills, they learn and apply production techniques required in the industry today.

FULL-TIME PROFESSORS. All classes are taught by full-time professors, not grad assistants or part-time instructors. All professors are active graphic designers and illustrators, staying current with design trends and techniques.

PRACTICAL, REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE. Classes are conducted like design studios. Instructors are the art directors, students are the graphic designers. Production skills and techniques are real-world.

WORK WITH CLIENTS. Third- and fourth-semester classes work with actual clients for real-world experience. Each student develops a concept, produces the artwork, and makes a presentation to the client.

SMALL CLASS SIZE. This means more individual attention and instruction. Our graphic design classes have a 16-student enrollment limit.

ALL CLASSES ARE HANDS-ON. All projects are completely hands-on and are job-oriented. Software is taught in an in-depth and comprehensive manner where you “learn by doing.”

REAL COLLEGE ATMOSPHERE. Vincennes University offers students a true college atmosphere. Get involved in campus events, student clubs, social organizations, intramural sports, student government, and dorm activities to form lifelong friendships.

AN AFFORDABLE AND SERIOUS EDUCATION. Vincennes University tuition is one of the lowest in the state of Indiana. This allows VU to offer a high-quality education for considerably less than four-year institutions.

The Vincennes University Graphic Design Program is an accredited institution member
of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).