Appealing Suspension

To file an appeal for suspension of financial aid, follow these directions:

  1. Log in to your MyVU account.
  2. Click Financial Aid Status under My Access.
  3. Click Eligibility.
  4. Click Student Requirements.
  5. Select correct school year, for example, 2019 – 2020, from the drop-down box and click Submit.
  6. Under the Unsatisfied Requirements, click on the link "Your financial aid is suspended..."
  7. Complete and print the appeal.
  8. Be sure to carefully read all directions on the appeal and turn in the completed appeal and the required documentation to the student financial services office.
  9. If your appeal is approved, you will find an academic plan document on your MyVU under Unsatisfied Requirements that you will need to sign and return.
  10. If your appeal is denied, we will contact you as soon as possible.  You can also check for a message "Your FA suspension appeal has been denied" under Satisfied Requirements on your MyVU.