Admission Checklist Items and Descriptions

Vincennes campus students

The following is a list of requirements that may be attached to your admissions application. To know which items you may need to send, please login to the admissions application system and review the checklist if you applied using the online VU Admissions Application. If you submitted your application using The Common App or a paper application, please contact Admissions.

Any of the following items can be sent to VU using the email and fax number below.

Submit a copy of your current DACA or TPS form to the VU Admissions Office.
College Dismissal Reason
All applicants who have been expelled or suspended from a college or university (other than Vincennes University) must complete two steps:
  1. Complete the College Expulsion and Suspension Form and return to the VU Admissions Office.
  2. Complete the Dean of Students Transfer Form (the top portion), then forward to the Dean of Students Office of the institution from where you were dismissed for them to complete and have returned to the VU Admissions Office.

Both forms fillable and printable.

College Dismissal Review
Once we have received your college dismissal documents, and all other required items, we will begin reviewing your application. This is an internal process, no action required by the student.
Date of Graduation/GED Scores
Submit a final high school transcript with date of graduation clearly printed on the document. This transcript will be sent to VU once you’ve completed all high school requirements. If you earned a GED, please submit the score report to satisfy this requirement (official copy not required for Vincennes campus applicants; an Official copy is required for Distanced Education (Online) students).
Dean of Students Review
A review is needed by the Dean of Students because of your previous Academic Disqualification from Vincennes University. If you have not completed the readmission process, you can contact the Dean of Students or go to the forms.
Felony Explanation
Complete and submit the felony explanation form for each pending, charged, and dismissed felony. Submit one document per felony.
Felony Review
A review will be conducted of the felony documentation you submitted. Once the review is complete, an admissions decision can be made. This is an internal process, no action required by the student.
Health Science Review
You have applied for a selective Heath Science program. Your high school and/or college credentials will be reviewed by the College of Health Science and Human Performance to determine your eligibility for admission into the program. Be sure to submit the Health Sciences Application, if you have not already.
HS Transcript
Send a copy of your high school transcript to the Admissions office (official copy not required for Vincennes campus applicants).
NonTrd HS Documentation
We require a copy of your high school transcript from your homeschool or alternative school (it is important to include the curriculum used during your education).
NonTrd HS Documentation Review
A review will be conducted on your non-traditional high school education. Once all requested documentation is received, the review will begin. This is an internal process, no action required by the student.
Next of Kin
Send an email to the VU Admissions Office identifying yourself with full name and date of birth and the name, address, phone number, and email address of your next of kin or emergency contact.
Permanent Residency Card
You indicated being a permanent resident of the United States on your application. A front and back copy of your permanent residency card is needed to prove your citizenship.
Photo ID Required
A copy of your government-issued photo ID will need to be on file before you can register for classes. DISTANCE EDUCATION (Online) STUDENTS ONLY. (Driver’s license, state issued ID, passport)

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