Chemical Sciences (AS)

Chemical Sciences (AS)

Associate of Science Transfer

Career Outcomes

The chemical sciences degree is a general associate's degree that can be the start of many different majors upon transfer to a baccalaureate institution. Those major may take you in a variety of directions in career choices - food scientist, chemical technician, forensic scientist and more.

What Our Students Say

Dr. Susan Olesik, '75

“I remember getting up as early as 5:00 a.m. to prepare and study for Professor Bardole’s quizzes. They were hard, and his classes were hard, but they were interesting and they really sparked my interest. Now that I am teaching, I know how hard he worked to be prepared to teach.”

Dr. Susan Olesik, '75

About This Degree

A degree in chemical sciences is an excellent preparation for a career in chemistry, biochemistry, clinical laboratory, dentistry, environmental health science, food science, veterinary science, optometry, and pharmacy.

It is also a superb preparation for students who want to enter medical and veterinary schools. Chemical scientists are much in demand for research and teaching in universities and for research and development in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, medical laboratories, state and federal governments because the graduates acquire an outstanding range of skills in mathematical competence, problem-solving, data handling, analysis, observation, team working, communication and report writing that employers value greatly.

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2 Years


Vincennes Campus



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