Readmission Review

Beginning Fall 2017, students who were academically disqualified from Vincennes University for failure to meet academic expectations will not be allowed to complete an online course unless they have extenuating circumstances.  Students requesting this exception must submit an official Request for Online Course After Academic Disqualfication with the Dean of Students.  Each request will be considered individually.  Full time employment does not qualify as an extraordinary circumstance.  

When a student is academically disqualified, there is a minimum waiting period of one semester (summer semester not included) before a student will be considered for readmission to the University. Please understand that readmission after the designated waiting period is not guaranteed.  The one semester waiting period may be waived if extenuating circumstances aided in academic problems. To be considered for immediate readmission please complete the Appeal Due to Extenuating Circumstances. 

It is recommended that you begin the request process at least three (3) months before the semester you wish to return. Request deadlines are indicated below.

Readmission Request Deadlines
Fall Semester - July 15
Spring Semester - December 1
Summer Semester - May 1


Students will need to follow these necessary steps to determine whether they are eligible to return to the University after being academically disqualified:  
1.  Complete the Readmission Review Request Form.
2. Complete an Admissions application.
3. Complete a Financial Aid Appeal (This is a separate appeal from the Readmission Request).

•Students who are readmitted will return on a probationary status and will remain so until their overall GPA is above a 2.00. Those who fail to meet the minimum academic standards in each semester following their reinstatement will be academically disqualified.
•The Financial Aid, Residential Life, and Bursars offices should be kept informed of your intention to return to VU, as you may require funding and housing if readmission is granted.  Regardless of your success in petitioning for readmission, an outstanding balance will prohibit your registration and your financial aid benefits may not be reinstated. You must contact these offices individually.
•Petitioning students who are not readmitted will be advised of what they can do in the future to strengthen their request, or will be encouraged to pursue education elsewhere.

Requests for Readmission Reviews are considered on an individual basis and the following are some factors that may help your request:
•Evidence of college readiness
•A letter of support from a Vincennes University faculty member or academic advisor
•Current employment that has lasted six months or longer with a letter of recommendation from your employer and/or a personal statement regarding how this work has helped prepare you to return to school
•Honorable discharge from military duty
•A realistic educational plan
•Successful academic record in courses related to your major
•Extenuating circumstances that aided in your academic problems
•No WN/WF’s on your transcript


Students may attach recommendations from VU Faculty/Staff or Current/Previous Employers along with the Readmission Request Form.  All recommendations must be completed on the Readmission Request Recommendation Form


Readmission Request Process:

  • Submit the Readmission Review Request Form.  
  • The Readmission Review Committee will review the request and make a recommendation concerning your return to the University.
  • You will be notified of the committee’s decision, within 30 days of the appeal deadline date.
  • The committee’s decision is final.


Questions pertaining to the review process should be addressed to the Dean of Students Office, Welsh Administration Building, Room 153, 812-888-4241 or the Admissions Office, Governor's Hall, 812-888-4313.


Vincennes and Other Campus' Academic Disqualification Readmission Appeal (Readmission Review Request Form)
Jasper Readmission Review Request Form
Readmission Request Recommendation Form
Request for Online Course After Academic Disqualification
Appeal of Disqualification due to Extenuating Circumstances