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Vincennes University

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Our focused quality education can get you further, faster. Our students are proof.

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  • So many people I spoke with who completed HIM programs elsewhere expressed their classes were not as detailed as some of...
    Kathy Lengel
    Health Information Management Graduate
  • Vincennes University has changed my life. It's more than just a college really. It's a family.
    Angie Crabtree
    Education Major
  • I always loved art. I never thought I would turn it into a career. Go out there and find something that you love.
    Kristina Altstadt
    Graphic Design Major
  • My professors were dedicated to me...I just can't be thankful enough for everything they've done for me.
    Jake Rumsey
    IT Major
  • "The Vincennes University Education Program was a life-changing program for me. The knowledge, experiences, and connections...
    Ginger Cummins
  • "My experience at VU was the ultimate leap into adulthood. It forced me to be held accountable for my actions and the results...
    Taja Graham
  • “Vincennes University was the perfect stepping stone from high school to a four-year university. I remember my Comp 101...
    Jamie Carie
  • "The training and education I received at Vincennes University helped me land a job as a designer for one of the leading...
    Ian Curry
  • "I transferred to VU after being unsatisfied with the degree that I was pursuing at another school. I have always been involved...
    Emily Kelly
  • “Vincennes University prepared me very well for my graduate studies. My graduate course work consisted of many doctorate...
    Dr. Jared Gullet
  • “The combination of Vincennes University’s staff, small class sizes, and extra resources helped prepare me for my transition...
    Dr. Devin Ice
  • “I remember getting up as early as 5:00 a.m. to prepare and study for Professor Bardole’s quizzes. They were hard, and his...
    Dr. Susan Olesik
  • "After my two year at Vincennes University, I decide to pursue my Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering at a four-year...
    Sonia June
  • "Since I transferred to Ball State for my BA in Geography with a concentration in meteorology and Geographic Information...
    Kyle Marsh
  • "I choose VU for its degree program in Natural Resources and Environmental Science. Being a program that transfers directly...
    Jake T Potter

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Welding Major

Find Your Focus

We offer more than 200 programs to choose from, including baccalaureate, associate, and certificate options. Gain the skills you need, no matter your direction.

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What’s Coming Up

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Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019

Shircliff Gallery of Art

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Cross Country


20 National Championships and Counting

Our men and women's intercollegiate sports programs have a strong presence in the NJCAA.

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Our Locations

Even though our campuses offer different programs, they all maintain the same high standards.

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